Essay Writing Styles

Essays are short pieces of writing on properly defined subjects and are usually meant to be read in a single session. Essay writing is required across a broad number of topics and there are many different essay writing styles that are accepted all over the world. Primarily, there are two principal styles of writing, namely narrative writing, which is a more artistic form of writing and exposition writing, which is an academic form of writing. While essays are usually written in either one of the mentioned styles, there are four major kinds of essay writing styles which are offshoots of the two styles of writing.

The Narrative Style

The narrative style of writing an essay follows a manner of storytelling, with events being related chronologically. This style is considered to be fairly simple, because natural speech is based on a narrative style.

However, as with speech, not everybody proves to be an excellent narrator. It is pretty easy to write down a general narrative essay, but writing well and capturing the audience with a narrative style is easier said than done.

There are a number of helpful resources, both online and offline which can help individuals understand the useful tips and tricks that can make narrative essay writing captivating and engaging. Short stories written by Maupassant, Saki, Oscar Wilde, O. Henry and many others are excellent examples of narrative writing.

The Descriptive Style

Descriptive styles of essay writing are rarer than the other forms and are mostly only encountered in creative writing courses. Other examples of where descriptive essay writing styles may find use include smaller chapters of larger works, where the intent is to describe in detail something of interest.

A descriptive essay is meant to reflect a vivid account, describing a subject, while also creating the mood or the impression which is to appeal to the reader in as many ways as possible. When appropriate, all five senses of a reader may be stimulated by properly describing a subject.

While the subject or the topic of a descriptive essay may vary, the most important thing to consider when writing in such a style is that the audience should not simply read through the matter, but should rather experience the subject themselves through descriptions.

The Expository Style

Expository style of writing essays is fairly common in the academic world. These pieces of writing are meant to explain, analyze, or define a subject. Expository essays should be precisely written and central elements and concepts will need to be well defined in the writing.

The structure of an essay written in the expository style consists of three parts, the introduction to the subject, the body consisting of the main content and the conclusions derived from the writing.

While there may be different methods that can be effective when writing an expository essay, the basic rule that needs to be remembered is to use a combination of active sentences, passive sentences and to address using active sentences, an audience that includes both the author and the readers.

The Argumentative Style

Argumentative or persuasive styles of writing essays can be derived from the expository style of writing and are very commonly encountered in academics. While deceptively close to the expository style, the necessary element of the argumentative style is the presence of some persuasion.

In some sense, it takes two to have an argument and as such, an argumentative essay ought to put forth opposing views and the author should then seek to defend one and challenge the other.

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