Our Advantages

These days, people are given plenty of choice, especially online. Writing services are no exception. With so many out there, you would be forgiven for feeling confused and indecisive. We are here to tell you why you should choose Essayz.net. Although we are certainly not one of the first writing services online, we have managed to acquire a stellar reputation among our customers. How did we manage to do that? Apart from lots of hard work, there are several factors which came into play, and which should help you see that we are the best possible choice if you are looking to commission a high-quality essay. Keep on reading to find out more.

Our Writers Are the Most Educated in the Business

All of our staff member are experiences writers and editors, with years of experience under their belts. But, more importantly, all of them have at least a Master’s degree in their own field. Writers which are tasked with writing dissertations have PhDs, which makes them more than qualified to write whatever you decide to throw at them. They will rise to any challenge, because they have been there as college students. Some of them even used to work as university professors, which means they know all the ins and outs of education and writing academic papers and essays.

They Work Fast

Another important aspect in which our writing service excels is the ability to deliver articulate and well-researched essays on an extremely tight deadline. Our writers are not only the most educated, but they are also among the fastest you will ever find online. And they do it without compromising the quality of their work. Sometimes, even we are not sure how they are able to pull it off on a regular basis, day after day, essay after essay. One of the most important indicators of reliability among online writing services is the number of essays which weren’t delivered before the deadline. We are proud to say that that number is one of the lowest in our case, which ranks us among the very best in terms of reliability and speed. Call us and see for yourself.

Research Is the Foundation of Everything

Every single one of our essays is written after our writers have conducted a thorough research and have found all the relevant data they need to put together an essay that is well-written, clearly laid out, and based on facts and quantifiable data, or solid arguments. Also, because our writers have all the necessary information and data at their fingertips, they will have no trouble coming up with references and providing proper citations using the required citation style and formatting that goes along with it.


Although our name indicates that we specialize in writing custom essays, our writers are also capable of writing a whole slew of other academic papers, including dissertations, research papers, theses, resumes, assignments, college applications essays, and creative writing projects. Moreover, we will assign each topic to a writer that is both available and capable of delivering in time, and is knowledgeable on the subject. That way, you received a custom essay or paper researched and written by somebody who is an actual expert in the field, and not somebody random who is regurgitating content they have found online. You can rely on us for any sort of writing you need done, no matter how unique, and regardless of the deadline.

Money-Back Policy

One of the ways in which we show how much we care about providing the best possible service for your customers is by having a money-back guarantee. If for some reason you decide that you don’t want us to continue writing your essay, or if you decide to cancel to order, we will refund you the full amount, because we would rather have you come back as customer at another time, when it is more convenient for you.

Also, once our writers have finished writing the essay you have ordered through our website, we will offer a partial refund in case are not satisfied with our work, or we will do all the necessary revisions until the writing is the way you like it. Why do we do this? Because that’s how confident we are in the quality of our writing and the ability of our staff writers. Call us today and see for yourself.

24/7 Customer Support

We are probably the only writing service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is because we recognize that our customers could be just about anywhere on the globe, so in order to make it more convenient for them, our support staff works in shifts. We are always available in case you need us, because we understand how urgent it must be for you at times. Place an order with our service at any time of day.