The Art of Custom Essay Writing with

Here at, we know exactly how much hard work, time, and careful planning goes into crafting a great essay, or any other type of academic paper. It goes way beyond just sitting down and writing, or doing some research to gather basic facts to support your arguments. Essay is one of the most unique forms, because of its tone, the way arguments and facts are presented, as well as because of its structure, which is anything but random. Every word is measured and everything is put together like a puzzle. As we go over how essays are being written, we will also shed some light on why they’re such a problematic task for most students.

Why Students Are Always Late with Their Essays

Part of the problem is that students treat essays just as they would treat any run-of-the-mill writing assignment which takes no more than an hour or two to put together. Essays are much different, which is something that occurs to them the day before they are supposed to turn it in, and they start to panic, and rightfully so, because putting together an essay in a day, unless you’re a trained professional like our writers, is almost impossible. So they write down whatever they can, and end up turning in a terrible essay. More often than not, it takes just one bad essay writing experience for students to develop an aversion toward writing essays.

How Students Should Approach Writing Their Essays

Our writers always tend to think carefully about the structure of their essays, because once you have the structure figured out, writing an essay becomes a lot less intimidating. Of course, before they can even start thinking about structure, they need to do their research and discover all the information they will need to set up and support arguments, and explain all the concepts they will be sharing inside their essay. This is why it’s important to really know what you want to write about, because you will spend less time research books and papers that have nothing to do with your essay.

Creating an Essay Plan

Each essay our skilled writers put together has a well thought-out beginning, middle, and end. How do they decide on what makes it into each of the sections? A good way of going about it would be to write down ideas on a piece of paper, or in a separate document on a computer. Once all those ideas are in one place, it’s time to start organizing and selecting them. Those which are not useful are discarded, while those that can help us write our essays are organized in a logical order. Of course, if our writers happen to think of any new ideas, they will also find the appropriate placement for them.

Writing an Essay

You will find plenty of article advising you to start writing your essay by writing the introduction. You present your thesis and your answer, before you discuss them in more detail in the middle section. Our writers start writing their essays this way too sometimes, but they are good enough and have plenty of experience to know that they can bend the rules a little bit when needed. Students stick to this rule, because their teachers expect this from them, but that doesn’t mean they need to adhere to it blindly. For instance, our essay writers often like to present one answer in the introduction, only to turn things are around during the middle part, and wind up with a totally different answer at the end.

Professionals writers which are on our staff use the middle paragraphs to demonstrate how well they understood the topics, provide facts and data which support their arguments, which in turn showcases the effort that went into researching everything. Of course, you shouldn’t just state something you have read somewhere, but use the opportunity for analysis and critical thinking.

After all, the very essence of every essay isn’t simply throwing data together which you’ve collected from various sources, but using only the most relevant data and come up with something new and original. What our writers love to do is challenge a certain thesis, even if they agree with it.

For your conclusion, you should finish in a way that is congruent with all the arguments you have made in the middle. And, of course, once you are done with writing your essay, take the time to go over it several times. Check for grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors, and then go about editing your work and improving upon it if it’s possible. Our advice would be to leave it to the professionals and call us. We will help you immediately.