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Our essay writing service,, is proud to be one of the most affordable, reliable, and versatile writing services online. In addition to producing high-quality essays, we are capable of producing other types of writing, including assignment help, resumes, dissertations, creative writing, book reports and plenty of others. However, our versatility goes a lot deeper than that. For each of these types of academic writing, there are plenty for variations, and since we specialize in writing essays, we are proud to inform you that we are able to write every single type of essay out there.

Why the need for so many different types? Because, essay is a literary form that sort of follows you through your entire education, taking on different forms and varieties. Essays written in high school, college, or during PhD studies are totally different animals, and good writers are always able to make a distinction and approach writing each one with full awareness of the requirements. Apart from their complexity, essays differ from one another in length, form, or the way you are required to present your arguments.

Here is a short list of all the different types of essays our writers are capable of writing for you.

Five Paragraph Essay

This type of essay is one of the most common types of essay, and the one most ordered by our customers. Its name is pretty self-explanatory, because it consists of five different paragraphs. In the first paragraph, which is also called the introductory paragraph, our writers usually present their thesis across the span of no more than several sentences.

After the introductory paragraph, our writers will write three body paragraphs, in which they will argue in favor of the thesis presented at the beginning of the essay.

And last, but not least, there is the fifth paragraph, which is also the conclusion of your essay, whose purpose is to confirm the thesis, and tie everything together.

Descriptive Essay

This type of essay is extremely popular among those studying literature. As opposed to scientific essays, which rely on detailed research, statistics, and cold, hard facts, descriptive essays are written with the goal of describing something or someone. It may be a person, an object, or an event. But, whereas some other types of essays use quantifiable evidence to get their point across, descriptive essays rely on sensory data, captured by our senses.

Comparison/Contrast Essays

If you are required to argue the differences or similarities between two distinctly different items or ideas, then it would be best to have us write a comparison/contrast essay for you. Comparison/contrast essay allows you to argue in favor of one, adopt a neutral stance, or simply to have fun with it. Comparison essays are the ones that focus on the similarities between two concepts, whereas contrast essays focus on the differences. Our writers are capable of writing both types.

Narrative Essays

Just like its name tells you, a narrative essay should be able to tell a story. It can be written so that it is based on factual data, but it can also be pure fiction. Since it is a narrative essay, it needs to feature certain narrative elements, like plot, characters, and dialogue.

Cause and Effect Essay

With this type of essay, our writers always try to find a strong connection between two different events, which is why it works so well when you need to write a historical essay. The tricky thing about it is proving how one event led to another.

Argumentative Essay

Our writers are also asked to write argumentative essays. In essence, when you are writing an argumentative essay, you are presented with a dilemma, or choice, and you have to pick one side and try to argue in favor of it. Usually, the topics revolve around existential issues, or controversial topics, or perhaps even some stereotypes.

Critical Essay

Critical essays are also very common, as they require you to critique or reviews some other literary work, a book, an album, or just about any work of art.
If you are required to write an essay which is not on this list, get in touch with us, because our writers are capable of writing all types of essays.