College Essay Writing Tips


The written essay proves to be a very important factor in the application of a candidate into a college. While a candidate may have very strong academic credentials, if the essay handed in during the application is poorly written, chances are that the college may reject the candidate altogether. The essay defines how well the candidate can communicate his thoughts and views and care must always be taken when writing an essay for a college application.

Useful Essay Writing Tips

There are a number of useful college essay writing tips that can help a candidate get through the application process. While writing is definitely a creative process, the following guidelines can really help when it comes to college essays.

  • The first and foremost tip is to start off early with the essay. The more time is given to writing the essay, the better the effort will be. Also, this leads to lesser stress.
  • It is important to always write genuine content and to never resort to tweaking somebody else’s content. Admission officers have seen thousands of essays and are extremely skilled in their task. Submitting a non-genuine essay could jeopardize the career of a candidate.
  • A useful tip is to write according to one’s interests and opinions. It is very easy to get tempted into writing what others want to hear, but such writing has always been overused and thousands of others will also be doing it.
  • It is also quite important to stay in focus. An admission essay will need to be very precisely written, with the central notion or theme well portrayed throughout the content.
  • It is very important to stick to the instructions provided and to carefully understand and answer what is being asked. There may be a number of subtle twists in wordings that may completely change what is being asked for.
  • Before an essay is submitted, it must undergo rewriting and proofreading. Once these are done, it is also advised to consider a second opinion before submission.

Taking a risk

College admissions officers need to go through thousands of essays submitted in by candidate and they do not waste any time on essays that are unappealing or boring. If an essay contains nothing new to them, they are quick to keep the candidate’s application aside and will only come back to it in case they find no better.

In order to appeal to the officers at the earliest, it may prove to be worthwhile taking a risk. Not every risk pays off, so candidates must be careful when considering doing so. However, given that admissions officers need to go through so much content, they are often glad to find interesting and new content. As has been often said, the danger lies not in taking a risk, but in writing something that is just too common.

The bottom line

College application essays need to be handled with scrupulous care in order that a candidate gets admission into a university of choice. Hopefully, the college essay writing tips that have been provided in this article will help candidates out.

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